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My name is Marcio Carvalho.  I am certified as a Massage Therapist with over 500 hours of professional training.  I am a graduate of the Potomac Massage Training Institute, one of the best of the country and certainly one of the best in Washington, DC.  I am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, AMTA ID No.186390.   I have years of massage experience here in the United States and in Brazil where I also received massage training.

I can provide my clients with Swedish , deep tissue and sports massage.  Before each massage session, I talk briefly with my clients about their body and any special circumstances of which I need to be aware.  I lead them into a relaxed state and gently begin to work on their body   I provide a calming and relaxed atmosphere with muted light, music and a clean environment.  Clients are made to feel safe and comfortable in every way.  Some clients can even feel this as a spiritual experience as they begin to relax and the mind

To keep myself well toned and in shape for massage therapy, I take classes in yoga and, martial arts.  I also play sports; soccer is my special love.  All of these help to give me a good energy balance which provides a better massage.

I think of massage therapy as being concerned with the science of the body and its movements and also an art form of gentle and caring touch to sooth and relax the body.  The caring and sensitive touch is the essential ingredient of massage therapy.  This is the road to applying just the right amount of pressure to areas of tension and other soft-tissue problems to induce a state of relaxation and feeling good.



"When the Body Gets Working Appropriately, the Force of Gravity Can Flow Through. Then,
Spontaneously, the Body Heals Itself."
Ida Rolf

Marcio Carvalho



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